Saturday, January 3, 2009

Warming up.....

So as i've never actually done an entire fitness plan, normally just running keeps me in decent shape, but i've realized there is something missing. Its called muscle tone and i want it!! So thanks to a friend who gave me his P90X system, i'm starting fresh this year and actually completely all 90 days of P90x. Also, if it works well, i'm going to kick it into high gear for another 90 days so i look "fierce" at my wedding in June. =)

Today I took all the dreaded measurements and pictures. Yikes!! Yeah, that didn't make me feel to happy, but now I'm completely motivated. I've made all the soups and sauces that are needed and measured out everything for the week. (can you tell I'm a planner?) So now all i have to do is do it. And I think, I'll be OK if i keep thinking that i have to write it down in a blog, so that's why I've started this. Plus, for those out there who are skeptical, you can see what I've gone through.

But for now, I start tomorrow. My fiance, who happens to be stationed in Kuwait until Feb is more excited about me doing this than I am. He really wants this to work for me so that he can start it when he gets back from the desert and we can both look amazing in our pictures and on our honeymoon in Jamaica. =) Not that he really needs it, he's pretty much already sculpted like a Greek god(and no, I'm not just bias because i love him, its true. The first thing i thought when i first saw him was, OMG...*jaw hits the floor* )

So i figure I'll put my starting weight and info here and then well see in 90 days!!

Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: 142lb
Body fat %: 21.2%

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  1.'s it going??? I noticed you are a "follower" of my blog so I hopped on over to see what you're doing. I wonder how your P90X is going? You are probably on about Day 9 or so now right? Time for an update to your blog! I'd love to help encourage you and keep you focused!! What a GREAT way to get extra-fit for your June wedding! You'll be in such amazing shape by then!!